A Pilot’s Adventure

Pilots Licence1

Planes have been my passion ever since I was a small boy, now I’m have decided I going to fly them! My name is Sam Evens and his blog is dedicated to my journey to get my private pilots license and fly the skies.

There is something so special about flying, being above everything free like a bird. Whenever I have boarded a planes just to fly interstate, it has always felt really special and exciting. And people don’t realize how much work goes into keeping plane in the air. Pilots are the master of adaption to any situation and have to think lightening quick on their feet to avoid disaster and land plane safely. If you have ever watch you tube of the craziest aero plane landing, then you’ll know what I mean. Pilots haw not only be incredible smart, but make slit second decision that save hundreds of people lives.

Getting my private pilots licence is defiantly going to be hard work, but also an adventure. So I have decide I’m going to do and that it that. I know some of my friend umm and arrr about what they want do and it never get done. So I have finally made a firm decision and I’m going off!

I live in the beautiful state of Queensland Australia right in the heart of Brisbane. This has been my home for 22 years and now I’m leaving it to move to Adelaide South Australia to get my private pilots licence. I’m moving to Adelaide because it’s going to be a lot easier to live due to the cheaper living expenses. Which means I’ll be able to budget more easily and have enough money to complete my pilots training? There are going to be some big differences living in Adelaide. Brisbane’s weather is so great sunny, warm and the surfing is always amazing. To go surfing in Adelaide, I’m going to have to drive a couple hours to get to any good surfing beaches. Plus I’ll have to get myself a thick 5mm wetsuit just to stay warm. I may have to put surfing on hold for a while, maybe until I’m flying all around the world, then I can surf at all the choice destinations.

I’ve been packing for a month slowly, it’s amazing how much crap you can accumulate! You have to be ruthless when it comes to moving to another state. I’ve had to be strong and throw out heaps of my possesses, it was hard but all for the better.

Today’s the big day, the removalists have been packing the truck lighting fast. It surprised me how quickly the house was in the truck. And now I’m standing on the curb waiting for the taxi to the airport. It’s very surreal moving from one home to another, there is a moment you feel free to do anything but also it’s scary not having a home.

The taxi ride was very nostalgic, riding through Brisband suburbs for the last time. Padding, Highgate Hill, Herston and of course Kangaroo Point. These are some of the most beautiful suburbs in Brisband. I’m sure Adelaide will have really nice suburbs. I’ll soon find out as we have arrived at the airport and I have 55min before my plane leaves.

Stepping off the plane in Adelaide I immediately feel the weather change, there bit in the air that chills your bone. Lucky I grabbed my jacket before the removalists packed it. Wow it’s going to come in super handy in this southern coastline temperature.

I’m staying in a hotel on the edge of the Adelaide city. Awesome view of the Adelaide parkland, which surround the city. I was taken back by how beautiful Adelaide city really is, I was expecting something a little more plane and boring. As we were driving through the city I noticed some really beautiful architecture, in the city.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out the unit I’m going to rent and meet the landlord. The picture look great online, I hope there just as good in real life.

The best part is the rent, it $150 bucks cheaper than my rent in Brisbane.

Once I get set up then I can check out all the flying schools in Adelaide which is going be super fun. I have a few months before all the course start for the year. So I can take my time and choose the best one for my license.

First stop will be Parafield Airport which has the best flying school in the state. The school that I’m interested in checking out first is the Flight Training. They have a fantastic reputation in commercial pilots license. They are expense but if you want the best training the state then that way to go. They are not my only choice but they are the best so we see how the interview goes. If all goes great then I’ll know which flying school I’ll be calling home for the next four years.