Adelaide Living


The house is not bad a little older than I would like, but for the price it’ll do the job great. Two bedroom so I’ll use one the study and one for sleeping. For the rest of the afternoon I’m going to walk to the shopping market and buy cleaning products. And scrub and polish this house to sparkle to perfection.

Another the bonus is the supermarket, café and shops is just around the corner from my house. So I purchased a heap of cleaning product and I’m ready to cleaning the crap out of my new house. When the removalists arrive tomorrow the house should be ready. I’m glad I found the best removalist Adelaide has to offer, the way these movers packed my house was super professional and light fast. I hope they unpack it exactly the same way.

The Adelaide removalists are coming today around lunchtime and everything is almost in order, just a few extra adjustments. I have worked out where everything is going to go, so all my stuff should fit in exactly. As soon as I get my place set up, I can start going to look at Flying schools for my private pilots license.

The removalists arrived at 1:30pm and started immediately unpacking. These guys were really great, they had to use some special techniques to get some of my bigger furniture inside, but lucky nothing was scratched or dented which was awesome. Around 4pm everything was inside my new house and now it’s time to get everything unpacked. At about 12am I have everything unpacked and in some sort of order. I know it’s going to take me a couple of weeks to get everything worked out, but for tonight that will do.

Went to the Adelaide Markets for breakfast this morning. Wow! What an amazing vibe, so many shop and seller yelling there products out. They sell cheeses, coffee, fresh fruit and lollies. Plus they have an excellent food court, that has all the best varity of delectable foods. I’ll be doing all my shopping there as they have an incredible selection of fresh and organic foods. Gouger Street where the markets are located has an awesome selections of restaurants as well. They range, from seafood, Chinese, stake houses, Thai and Japanese restaurants.

Apparently there is something of an Adelaide tradition call a pie floater, which consists of a meat pie in a bowl of pea soup, then covered in tomato sauce. Everyone says they are really tasty, but the only catch is they are sold at a mobile caravan so it moves and you have to find it. So if I track it down I’m going to have my first pie floater. I reckon around Adelaide Fringed time and when the Clipsal 500 is on the pie van will definitely be out and about!

The house is finally starting to come together which is a big relief and now I can start focusing on which Flying school is going to be the best for studies. They are three schools I’m defiantly keen on checking out and that is what I’m going to do tomorrow.