Adelaide Flying Schools


Today is the big day where I’m going to check out the flying schools and Parafield Airport. It’s about a twenty minute drive to Parafield Airport from Adelaide city.

Parafield Airport was first opened to the public in 1929 and from then on has been used for various applications. During world war two it was used by the Australian Air Force and then later returned. It is the second largest airport in Adelaide and now mainly use for training and recreational flyers.

The Parafield Airport. also holds host to the Classic fighter Jet Museum. This museum is passionate about restoring old fighter planes. You can take the tour seven days a week and if you’re lucky even sit in the cockpit of a RAFF Mirage, Ran Sea Venom and a Sabre jet fighter. There are also a range of rare aviation artifacts for you to view.

There are a number of flying schools within Parafield Airport:

  1. Flight Training Adelaide

Flight Training Adelaide has been operating since 1982 and offers world-class training for rotary and fixed wing planes. They make sure students have the very best planes and training flight simulators. Some schools focus on getting the student just a aviation flying license. Flight Training Adelaide focuses their attention and dedication on creating aero plane and helicopter captains.

  1. Bruce Hartwig’s Flying School

Bruce Hartwig’s Flying School has in in operation since 1969 and has had a sterling reputation ever since. It was the first school to be granted an international quality assurance rating, an ISO 9001 and the first to be accepted for VET FEE Help.

  • The school has a fleet consisting of:
  • Diamond DA-20s, Cessna 172’s
  • Cessna 206’s, Cirrus SR-20’s
  • Beechcraft B55 Baron
  • Diamond DA-42 Twinstar
  • Piper PA31 Chieftain

Bruce Hartwig’s Flying School is also the only Redbird Full-Motion flight simulator in South Australia. The school also has a full time metal health therapist to liaise with students. Over the 46 years in operation, this school has shown it is the leader of the pack when it comes to aviation training.

  1. Aerostar Aviation

Aerostar Aviation is associated with a group of aviation training schools within South Australia. This group was established in the 1980s and focuses on helicopters, fixed wing and multi engine aircraft.

They fleet consists of:

  • Cessna 172s
  • Beechjet 400A
  • Serval Helicopters

Aerostar takes safety very seriously and have a safety system that conforms to the International Civil Aviation Organization AS4801.

What a fantastic day! There are some really great schools at Parafield Airport, it’s very much its own hub of passionate aviation experts. These guys were all highly professional and knew exactly what they were talking about when it comes to the aircraft industry.

Got home at six o’clock and had a stack of brochures and was excited about scouring through every one of them. This was until I tried to get in my front door, the key jammed and it got physically stuck. I could not get the key out of the door; it was like someone had welder it to the knob. I had to call one of the Adelaide locksmiths services to come out and remove the key from the door. I don’t know how they did it, but they kind of jimmied it with a lever. But the lock was stuffed and they had to replace it. Lucky I don’t have to pay; the landlord can pay this bill.

It’s now only been a day since I was at the Airport but the brochures are now circled and scribble all over. It’s going to be a hard choice which flying school is going to be the best one for me, but I still have a couple months so by then I’ll have made the right choice of Adelaide Schools.