Adelaide City

Adeladie City

Today I got a call from the removalists, they are in the city of Hay NSW and will be in Adelaide tomorrow lunch time. That’s perfect timing, because I’m going to look at the house today and meet the landlord. It’s right in Adelaide city, which is going to be fantastic when my friends come down for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It happens every year and all my friend are excited about having somewhere to stay and party. I maybe even able to fly up the with my pilots license and bring them down to Adelaide.

The Adelaide Fridge has been going on since 1960 and just recently they have included the Clipsal 500 on one of the main weekends. The city is alive and buzzing with art shows and carnival type theatre. We have been down to Adelaide a few times to go to the fringe, but the accommodation can be really expensive and hard to find when all the excitement is on for that weekend. But now that I’m down here in Adelaide city, it’s going to be easy to get around and get home.

Another place all my friends can’t wait to go, is the Adelaide Barossa Valley. You can take a Limousine up for the day and tour around lots of wineries. They have some of the best wine in the world in the Barossa valley and it’s going to be fantastic to go there.

Today I’m going to look at the new house and what is so great is that I don’t have to catch a taxi or bus it’s in walking distance. It’s in about 90 minutes when I have to meet the landlord so I’m going to grab a coffee and check out Adelaide while I mosy over there. Adelaide is so beautiful, because the city is surrounded by parklands, which also includes the Botanical gardens and the Adelaide Zoo. There are just so many places to relax and chill if your work day is stressing you out. Everyone is so lucky here to have all these parks and spaces to move around.

Cibo seems to be the coffee everyone drinking in Adelaide. It’s an Italian style shop and there coffee is extra smooth. If you are in Adelaide I would recommend you try one. Well it about time to meet the landlord and when I arrive he is waiting outside the front gate. He seems nice enough, but is pressed for time, so he gives me the tour of the house quickly. One thing I notice straight away is the musty smell like the carpets are old or wet. He tells me they were just cleaned and thrusts the lease papers into my hands to sign. As soon as the signature hits the paper he is out the door the keys still spinning on the counter top.

After he left I examine the carpets and noticed they were still damp. This is not going to work! I have to focus on my flying schools and I have the removalists coming tomorrow. They’re not going to be putting down furniture on wet carpets. I have to get this sorted out, I Googled carpet cleaning Adelaide and found some awesome guys. They came out immediately and not only removed all the except wetness in my carpet, but shampoo and deodorized it as well. It would have been a disaster it the removalist plonked down the furniture on the damp wet carpet. Now the carpet are flurry and so much brighter than before, plus they smell great!