Adelaide Flying Schools


Today is the big day where I’m going to check out the flying schools and Parafield Airport. It’s about a twenty minute drive to Parafield Airport from Adelaide city.

Parafield Airport was first opened to the public in 1929 and from then on has been used for various applications. During world war two it was used by the Australian Air Force and then later returned. It is the second largest airport in Adelaide and now mainly use for training and recreational flyers.

The Parafield Airport. also holds host to the Classic fighter Jet Museum. This museum is passionate about restoring old fighter planes. You can take the tour seven days a week and if you’re lucky even sit in the cockpit of a RAFF Mirage, Ran Sea Venom and a Sabre jet fighter. There are also a range of rare aviation artifacts for you to view.

There are a number of flying schools within Parafield Airport:

  1. Flight Training Adelaide

Flight Training Adelaide has been operating since 1982 and offers world-class training for rotary and fixed wing planes. They make sure students have the very best planes and training flight simulators. Some schools focus on getting the student just a aviation flying license. Flight Training Adelaide focuses their attention and dedication on creating aero plane and helicopter captains.

  1. Bruce Hartwig’s Flying School

Bruce Hartwig’s Flying School has in in operation since 1969 and has had a sterling reputation ever since. It was the first school to be granted an international quality assurance rating, an ISO 9001 and the first to be accepted for VET FEE Help.

  • The school has a fleet consisting of:
  • Diamond DA-20s, Cessna 172’s
  • Cessna 206’s, Cirrus SR-20’s
  • Beechcraft B55 Baron
  • Diamond DA-42 Twinstar
  • Piper PA31 Chieftain

Bruce Hartwig’s Flying School is also the only Redbird Full-Motion flight simulator in South Australia. The school also has a full time metal health therapist to liaise with students. Over the 46 years in operation, this school has shown it is the leader of the pack when it comes to aviation training.

  1. Aerostar Aviation

Aerostar Aviation is associated with a group of aviation training schools within South Australia. This group was established in the 1980s and focuses on helicopters, fixed wing and multi engine aircraft.

They fleet consists of:

  • Cessna 172s
  • Beechjet 400A
  • Serval Helicopters

Aerostar takes safety very seriously and have a safety system that conforms to the International Civil Aviation Organization AS4801.

What a fantastic day! There are some really great schools at Parafield Airport, it’s very much its own hub of passionate aviation experts. These guys were all highly professional and knew exactly what they were talking about when it comes to the aircraft industry.

Got home at six o’clock and had a stack of brochures and was excited about scouring through every one of them. This was until I tried to get in my front door, the key jammed and it got physically stuck. I could not get the key out of the door; it was like someone had welder it to the knob. I had to call one of the Adelaide locksmiths services to come out and remove the key from the door. I don’t know how they did it, but they kind of jimmied it with a lever. But the lock was stuffed and they had to replace it. Lucky I don’t have to pay; the landlord can pay this bill.

It’s now only been a day since I was at the Airport but the brochures are now circled and scribble all over. It’s going to be a hard choice which flying school is going to be the best one for me, but I still have a couple months so by then I’ll have made the right choice of Adelaide Schools.

Adelaide Living


The house is not bad a little older than I would like, but for the price it’ll do the job great. Two bedroom so I’ll use one the study and one for sleeping. For the rest of the afternoon I’m going to walk to the shopping market and buy cleaning products. And scrub and polish this house to sparkle to perfection.

Another the bonus is the supermarket, café and shops is just around the corner from my house. So I purchased a heap of cleaning product and I’m ready to cleaning the crap out of my new house. When the removalists arrive tomorrow the house should be ready. I’m glad I found the best removalist Adelaide has to offer, the way these movers packed my house was super professional and light fast. I hope they unpack it exactly the same way.

The Adelaide removalists are coming today around lunchtime and everything is almost in order, just a few extra adjustments. I have worked out where everything is going to go, so all my stuff should fit in exactly. As soon as I get my place set up, I can start going to look at Flying schools for my private pilots license.

The removalists arrived at 1:30pm and started immediately unpacking. These guys were really great, they had to use some special techniques to get some of my bigger furniture inside, but lucky nothing was scratched or dented which was awesome. Around 4pm everything was inside my new house and now it’s time to get everything unpacked. At about 12am I have everything unpacked and in some sort of order. I know it’s going to take me a couple of weeks to get everything worked out, but for tonight that will do.

Went to the Adelaide Markets for breakfast this morning. Wow! What an amazing vibe, so many shop and seller yelling there products out. They sell cheeses, coffee, fresh fruit and lollies. Plus they have an excellent food court, that has all the best varity of delectable foods. I’ll be doing all my shopping there as they have an incredible selection of fresh and organic foods. Gouger Street where the markets are located has an awesome selections of restaurants as well. They range, from seafood, Chinese, stake houses, Thai and Japanese restaurants.

Apparently there is something of an Adelaide tradition call a pie floater, which consists of a meat pie in a bowl of pea soup, then covered in tomato sauce. Everyone says they are really tasty, but the only catch is they are sold at a mobile caravan so it moves and you have to find it. So if I track it down I’m going to have my first pie floater. I reckon around Adelaide Fringed time and when the Clipsal 500 is on the pie van will definitely be out and about!

The house is finally starting to come together which is a big relief and now I can start focusing on which Flying school is going to be the best for studies. They are three schools I’m defiantly keen on checking out and that is what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Adelaide City

Adeladie City

Today I got a call from the removalists, they are in the city of Hay NSW and will be in Adelaide tomorrow lunch time. That’s perfect timing, because I’m going to look at the house today and meet the landlord. It’s right in Adelaide city, which is going to be fantastic when my friends come down for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It happens every year and all my friend are excited about having somewhere to stay and party. I maybe even able to fly up the with my pilots license and bring them down to Adelaide.

The Adelaide Fridge has been going on since 1960 and just recently they have included the Clipsal 500 on one of the main weekends. The city is alive and buzzing with art shows and carnival type theatre. We have been down to Adelaide a few times to go to the fringe, but the accommodation can be really expensive and hard to find when all the excitement is on for that weekend. But now that I’m down here in Adelaide city, it’s going to be easy to get around and get home.

Another place all my friends can’t wait to go, is the Adelaide Barossa Valley. You can take a Limousine up for the day and tour around lots of wineries. They have some of the best wine in the world in the Barossa valley and it’s going to be fantastic to go there.

Today I’m going to look at the new house and what is so great is that I don’t have to catch a taxi or bus it’s in walking distance. It’s in about 90 minutes when I have to meet the landlord so I’m going to grab a coffee and check out Adelaide while I mosy over there. Adelaide is so beautiful, because the city is surrounded by parklands, which also includes the Botanical gardens and the Adelaide Zoo. There are just so many places to relax and chill if your work day is stressing you out. Everyone is so lucky here to have all these parks and spaces to move around.

Cibo seems to be the coffee everyone drinking in Adelaide. It’s an Italian style shop and there coffee is extra smooth. If you are in Adelaide I would recommend you try one. Well it about time to meet the landlord and when I arrive he is waiting outside the front gate. He seems nice enough, but is pressed for time, so he gives me the tour of the house quickly. One thing I notice straight away is the musty smell like the carpets are old or wet. He tells me they were just cleaned and thrusts the lease papers into my hands to sign. As soon as the signature hits the paper he is out the door the keys still spinning on the counter top.

After he left I examine the carpets and noticed they were still damp. This is not going to work! I have to focus on my flying schools and I have the removalists coming tomorrow. They’re not going to be putting down furniture on wet carpets. I have to get this sorted out, I Googled carpet cleaning Adelaide and found some awesome guys. They came out immediately and not only removed all the except wetness in my carpet, but shampoo and deodorized it as well. It would have been a disaster it the removalist plonked down the furniture on the damp wet carpet. Now the carpet are flurry and so much brighter than before, plus they smell great!

A Pilot’s Adventure

Pilots Licence1

Planes have been my passion ever since I was a small boy, now I’m have decided I going to fly them! My name is Sam Evens and his blog is dedicated to my journey to get my private pilots license and fly the skies.

There is something so special about flying, being above everything free like a bird. Whenever I have boarded a planes just to fly interstate, it has always felt really special and exciting. And people don’t realize how much work goes into keeping plane in the air. Pilots are the master of adaption to any situation and have to think lightening quick on their feet to avoid disaster and land plane safely. If you have ever watch you tube of the craziest aero plane landing, then you’ll know what I mean. Pilots haw not only be incredible smart, but make slit second decision that save hundreds of people lives.

Getting my private pilots licence is defiantly going to be hard work, but also an adventure. So I have decide I’m going to do and that it that. I know some of my friend umm and arrr about what they want do and it never get done. So I have finally made a firm decision and I’m going off!

I live in the beautiful state of Queensland Australia right in the heart of Brisbane. This has been my home for 22 years and now I’m leaving it to move to Adelaide South Australia to get my private pilots licence. I’m moving to Adelaide because it’s going to be a lot easier to live due to the cheaper living expenses. Which means I’ll be able to budget more easily and have enough money to complete my pilots training? There are going to be some big differences living in Adelaide. Brisbane’s weather is so great sunny, warm and the surfing is always amazing. To go surfing in Adelaide, I’m going to have to drive a couple hours to get to any good surfing beaches. Plus I’ll have to get myself a thick 5mm wetsuit just to stay warm. I may have to put surfing on hold for a while, maybe until I’m flying all around the world, then I can surf at all the choice destinations.

I’ve been packing for a month slowly, it’s amazing how much crap you can accumulate! You have to be ruthless when it comes to moving to another state. I’ve had to be strong and throw out heaps of my possesses, it was hard but all for the better.

Today’s the big day, the removalists have been packing the truck lighting fast. It surprised me how quickly the house was in the truck. And now I’m standing on the curb waiting for the taxi to the airport. It’s very surreal moving from one home to another, there is a moment you feel free to do anything but also it’s scary not having a home.

The taxi ride was very nostalgic, riding through Brisband suburbs for the last time. Padding, Highgate Hill, Herston and of course Kangaroo Point. These are some of the most beautiful suburbs in Brisband. I’m sure Adelaide will have really nice suburbs. I’ll soon find out as we have arrived at the airport and I have 55min before my plane leaves.

Stepping off the plane in Adelaide I immediately feel the weather change, there bit in the air that chills your bone. Lucky I grabbed my jacket before the removalists packed it. Wow it’s going to come in super handy in this southern coastline temperature.

I’m staying in a hotel on the edge of the Adelaide city. Awesome view of the Adelaide parkland, which surround the city. I was taken back by how beautiful Adelaide city really is, I was expecting something a little more plane and boring. As we were driving through the city I noticed some really beautiful architecture, in the city.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out the unit I’m going to rent and meet the landlord. The picture look great online, I hope there just as good in real life.

The best part is the rent, it $150 bucks cheaper than my rent in Brisbane.

Once I get set up then I can check out all the flying schools in Adelaide which is going be super fun. I have a few months before all the course start for the year. So I can take my time and choose the best one for my license.

First stop will be Parafield Airport which has the best flying school in the state. The school that I’m interested in checking out first is the Flight Training. They have a fantastic reputation in commercial pilots license. They are expense but if you want the best training the state then that way to go. They are not my only choice but they are the best so we see how the interview goes. If all goes great then I’ll know which flying school I’ll be calling home for the next four years.